Probio – Care

Genetic diagnosis, cardiovascular diseases risk factor monitoring, customized nutrition and personalized lifestyles are all solutions that Probiotic CGB provides to reduce possible cardiovascular disease and ensure full well-being of people.


This is an application for smartphones and tablets that allows you to interact directly with Probiotic CGB. Through the app, we can give our customers personalized information about the lifestyle, the diet and the supplements more appropriate to their profiles. In addition, you can be redirected to pharmacies participating in our Probio-Care program where you can receive information, advice and services at particularly advantageous conditions.


The test allows you to immediately check the concentration of cholesterol (or other elements such as glycemia). It can be easily done at a pharmacy or required at home.


A non-invasive genetic test can identify forms of familial hypercholesterolemia and can assess the genetic predisposition to obesity and risk of metabolic disorders. Considering obtained results, you can customize your individual food diet (see “PROBIO-NUTRA”). Genetic tests are developed with the support of the genomic platform of the parco Tecnologico Padano in Lodi.


Personalized food plans include functional foods containing the patented mix of Probiotic CGB. Nutrition is integrated with custom protocols of physical activity.


We provide solutions that integrate services and products for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases through the adoption of proper nutrition. They are dedicated to companies that want to offer their employees an innovative benefit. For insurance companies there is an ad hoc solution with a wide choice of clinical tests and performance.


Nutraceutical menus with recipes of traditional Italian cuisine are re-elaborated in a healthy way and dedicated to restaurateurs.