“Much more than fruit!”

Succhi di frutta con probiotici vivi: frutta 100% italiana

For those who want a delicious but healthy snack with low calories, Probiotic CGB has developed a revolutionary product. Probio-Frutta is a fruit juice containing probiotics and is produced using only fresh Italian and seasonal fruit.


Pulp and juice with the essential characteristics of fresh fruit. Can be a healthy snack for children or a delicious and low-calorie snack in the office.


The bacillus Coagulans 5*^9 CFU, helps maintain the wellbeing of the intestinal flora. Intestinal microbiology is a real active human organ, consisting of billions of bacteria.

Stress, poor diet or intake of antibiotics can actually damage the balance of the microbial, causing intestinal dysbiosis. The latter may cause swelling, constipation, diarrhea, force reduction, general malaise, mood swings or sleep disorders.


There isn’t any dye or preservative in Probio-Frutta. The addition of only water, grape sugar and lemon juice ensures that the natural sweetness of the fruit prevails with all its properties.

Probio-Frutta is suitable for all ages and is very appropriate not only for adults but also for children. The fruit juices with probiotics are ideal especially for those with lactose intolerance who still want the benefits of probiotics.


We only use fresh, natural, Italian and seasonal, organic and 0 km fruit. Juice and pulp are enriched with probiotics and are free of preservatives and dyes. There are only water, grape sugar and lemon juice and, to preserve it, the juice is subjected to a slight pasteurization.

Probio-Frutta is the only product on the italian market that combines the benefits of taking probiotics with those of drinking juice made with natural and non-homogenized fruit.

Probiotic CGB has been able to leave unchanged properties of both fruit and probiotics.

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