Our mission

Probiotic CGB is an innovative startup in the nutraceutical and nutrigenetic fields.
Probiotic CGB offers to its customers a synergistically integrated platform of products and services that, combined with a healthy lifestyle, can lead to a complete well-being even with age advancement.
Improving the quality of life and ensuring full well-being is the mission in which Probiotic CGB believes. Starting with scientific rigor, we want to offer products that are natural and at the same time are scientifically effective solutions.
La mission di Probiotic CGB: prodotti brevettati per un benessere a 360°
We have developed unique and revolutionary products to be able to intervene in different therapeutic areas. Our supplements are based on patented mix of probiotics and prebiotics enriched with plant extracts and vitamins.
Our uniqueness is to propose these mixes even within functional foods that are characterized by extra beneficial effects, in addition to their basic nutrition. The added components interact with the physiological functions of the body and contribute positively to maintaining health and preventing diseases.
Probiotic CGB takes care of the person’s well-being. We want to establish a strong relationship with each of our customers.
We believe it is important to accompany them in a healthy journey that is in line with their own lifestyle.
Collaborating with experts and specialists involved in our project, we promote personalized services according to different needs. The aim is to overcome the “punitive” concept of diets and to promote proactive adherence to a correct and healthy lifestyle.
The app allows us to follow the customer and interact with him during his journey by tracking together obtained results.
For those at risk of cardiovascular diseases (CVD), Probiotic CGB provides support for genetic diagnosis (including genetic diagnosis) and monitoring of key factors that can lead to CVD, particularly hypercholesterolemia, hyperglycemia and obesity.
Also, through our app or our Facebook page, you can contact us and our experts at any time.
La mission di Probiotic CGB: i servizi della piattaforma Probio-Care